Friday, July 18, 2008

Software Updates

Fortinet today released FortiOS 3.0 MR7.


Ben - FCNSP said...

Can now log CPU/Mem usage in event log every 5 mins.

SSL-VPN Standalone clients for Linux and OS-X. I wish the effort would've gone into FortiClient instead. Stand-alone SSL-VPN Client is ironic.

TOS Policy routing is here. Still would like to see a QoS feature enhancing Traffic Shaping.

GUI-aided scripts upload on the Maintenance screen.

Added outbandwidth to CLI for limiting bandwidth OUT of the Interface in addition to inbandwidth. Speed is set in KB rather than bps.

Anonymous said...

Is the MR6 Patch 2 IPS bug addressed?

Sebastian said...

The recommendation is to stay at 3.0 MR5 or below. The bug is being worked by Fortinet's development team. But since the bug was discovered after 3.0 MR7 was released it is unlikely to be fixed in MR7.