Friday, July 25, 2008

Scheduling Scripts in FortiManager

You can schedule scripts to execute automatically in FortiManager. Once you have created a script select a group of firewalls which you have created (the "All Fortigate" group cannot be used to schedule scripts). On the top of the screen select Script -> Create New. Select one of the available scripts and click on the Right Arrow -> button. Under Schedule set the Execute Schedule Type to Schedule and now you can select either One-Time or Recurring.

Please note that when you want to run the same script multiple times per day you have to use the following process:
  • Create your script
  • Make x number of copies of the script (x being the number of times you want to run it per day)
  • Create one schedule for each script
If you schedule the same script to run multiple times the FortiManager simply changes the time of day you had previously configured. When using copies of the same script FortiManager treats them as separate scripts and this allows you to work around this limitation.

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