Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Useful Interface Statistics

On the CLI try this

> diag hardware deviceinfo nic "interface name"

for example

> diag hardware deviceinfo nic wan1

produces the following sample output. Very handy to check for duplex mismatches, collisions, errors, etc in a pinch.

Driver Name: NP2
Version: 0.92
Chip Revision: 2
BoardSN: N/A
Module Name: 310B
DDR Size: 256 MB
Bootstrap ID: 11
PCIX-64bit-@133MHz bus: 03:01.0
Admin: up
Link: up
Speed: 1000Mbps
Duplex: Full
Rx Pkts: 3875403410
Tx Pkts: 3337050564
Rx Bytes: 1095981056
Tx Bytes: 1043256285
MAC0 Rx Errors: 0
MAC0 Rx Dropped: 0
MAC0 Tx Dropped: 0
MAC0 FIFO Overflow: 0
MAC0 IP Error: 0

TAE Entry Used: 0
TSE Entry Used: 0
Host Dropped: 1477715
Shaper Dropped: 121
EEI0 Dropped: 0
EEI1 Dropped: 0
EEI2 Dropped: 0
EEI3 Dropped: 0
IPSEC QFIFO Dropped: 0
IPSEC DFIFO Dropped: 0
PBA: 123/1019/251
Forwarding Entry Used: 0
Offload IPSEC Antireplay ENC Status: Disable
Offload IPSEC Antireplay DEC Status: Enable
Offload Host IPSEC Traffic: Disable

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Software Updates: FortiOS 4.0 MR3 Patch 1 is out

Summary of Enhancements

· BGP AS Overrides
· Central Management Locking/Unloking
· Control and Mitigate Traffic Bypassing SSL Proxy
· Convert Web UI Language Files To Be UTF-8 Standard
· Enlarge Table Size for Firewall Address and Firewall Service on High-End Models
· FMC-C20 and FMC-F20 Support
· FortiClient Connect Licensing Support
· FSSO Sniffer Policy Support
· Geographic Destinations Chart in Default Report
· GTP v1 release 7.15.0 support
· GTP v1 release 8.12.0 support
· Improvements of Usability on Firewall Policy configurations via Web UI
· Improvements and Simplification of Local Ratings & Local Categories Settings in Web Filter Configuration
· Improvements of Usability on Application Control and IPS Sensor configurations via Web UI
· Improvements of Usability on Web Filter Profile configurations via Web UI
· Integration of DNS Service on Interface and Server adminstration
· Increase for Maximum Value of Local Users on FortiGate-50x Serial Models
· Increase for MaximumValue of User Group
· Quick Test Button for Remote Server Reachablilty via Web UI
· Restoration of Function LDAP-Group-Check
· STARTTLS Scanning Over SMTP Proxy
· Web Cache Monitor via Web UI
· Web Mail Logging Support
· Web UI Navigation Menu Reorganization and Improvement
· WiFi Controller on FortiWiFi Models Under Client Mode