Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Maxizing Performance with NPU Port Mappings

To get the most performance out of NPU accelerated ports you should keep traffic on the same NPU.
For example if most of your traffic is between your external and your DMZ interfaces (you are hosting a lot of web servers?) you should make sure this traffic remains on the same NPU.

To figure out which port is assigned to which NPU use the following command:

#get hardware npu <model> list

So if you have a model with NP4s use

#get hardware npu np4 list

Your output will be similar to the one below depending on your model firewall.
In the below example you might want to connect port25 to the Internet and port26 to the DMZ to keep that traffic on a single NPU.

# get hardware  npu np4 list
ID      Model           Slot            Interface
0       On-board                        port1 port2 port3 port4
                                        port5 port6 port7 port8
                                        port9 port10 port11 port12
                                        port13 port14 port15 port16
                                        port17 port18 port19 port20
                                        port21 port22 port23 port24
1       On-board                        port25 port26 port27 port28
                                        port29 port30 port31 port32
                                        port33 port34 port35 port36
                                        port37 port38

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Anonymous said...

you can also prioritize your Session setup rate. depend on which device. IE the 1240, Ports 1,5,9,13,17,21,25,29,33,37,41,45

should be avoided as they are aligned to CPU1 which also does the session setup.