Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Renewing Support versus new Hardware

One of the things to keep in mind is that annual support costs (A/V, IDS/IPS updates, hardware maintenance) are based around the list price of the hardware itself. When the time comes to renew your Fortinet support take a close look at how much money you're spending on support versus the cost of newer, faster hardware.

I was amazed to see that for the same cost of renewing support on a Fortigate 800 we were able to purchase a new Fortigate 310B system, including a year of bundled support.

Just sayin .. :)


JStone said...

Hey Firewall guru - Have you ever setup a 4G USB Modem on a 60c with a static address account from ISP? I am trying to get a pantech uml290 4g usb modem to work.

Anonymous said...

I tried a 3.75G modem on a FortiWifi 60B and was only able to get a fraction of the speed compared to when plugged into a computer. Apparently the Fortigates cannot handle the speed. To get modems working you need to get the Fortigate to recognize it and most likely send a special command to the modem to make it switch from mass-storage mode where it has its drivers to serial/modem mode. There are a couple of blogs about that if you just google.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for this interesting information. But usually you have to add the prize of work hours too if you want to change your hardware. I suppose that the old configuration file cant be imported straight to different hardware? configurations are bound to physical nic-names and so on..