Friday, December 17, 2010

Software Updates

Wow, long time no post :)

  • 4.0 MR2 Patch 3, Build 303
  • 4.0 MR2 Patch 3, Build 221
    It seems like the FG/FWF60C are still having issues as the release for this new platform is still behind just like last time.


    Sarx said...

    FA has problem with canned report and SQL db indexing.

    cvtx said...

    Hi i have a problem with this release.
    Iassing my reserved-address and the dhcp server dont assign the ip reserved, asign other, what it could be?

    sreekanth said...

    I have a problem with my new fortigate 60C with V4.0 MR2, for creating a new IPsec. VPN I cant find the VPN tunnel in the Destination Interface/ZOne in the policy as well as in static routing, Please help me to sort out this issue.