Friday, August 27, 2010

Software Updates

  • 4.0 MR2 Patch 1, Build 255

  • 4.1.0, Build 54

  • 4.0 MR2 Patch 2, Build 291
  • (Note: FG/FWF60C will not be released until mid-September)

  • 4.0 MR2 Patch 2, Build 363

  • 4.1.0, Build 265


GuiMo said...

Any comments about new firmware perfomance?

buegeleisen said...

performance at least for the webinterface is wonderful.

but looks like we hit a rather grave possible bug with several fortigates after upgrading to 4.2.2. we have ipsec-vpn's between our central fortigate and our customers fortigates and after upgrading some sorts of traffic didn't get through the tunnels anymore. in our case https-sessions to hp's ilo-webinterface on proliant-servers and all rdp-sessions to windows-servers.

after downgrading again everything went through again as expected.

anyone else having similar problems? a ticket with fortinet is already open.

Ben Boysza said...

No support for the FortiAP as originally planned. At least, it's not documented and the Wireless Controller GUI appears to be unchanged. HOWEVER - FortiAP v4.0 MR2 Patch Release 1 (build 112, tag 6390) has made it out the door as of 9/10, and it's release notes indicated that 4.2.2 is not the 'special build'.

Tacos said...

Hi buegeleisen

My Forti 110C is in v4.0.2,build0099 and i have the same problem with traffic which didn't get through the tunnel in interface mode. The strangiest thing is that some off destination traffic get into tunnel but it bug for one IP dest for example and after few minutes it's work ...

Someone have seen this before ?

Tacos said...

Hi all,

Same problem than buegeleisen here but in v4.0.2 build 0099. Some of my destination traffic went out through my tunnel (in interface mode) and some on the same subnet try to go through my ISP gateway and failed ...

And after couple of minutes it works normally ...

Anybody have seen this before ?

buegeleisen said...

any reason why you're still on 4.0.2? you should consider at least upgrading to 4.0.4, or better 4.1.7.

but i don't think our problems are related, as in our case it started happening with 4.2.2 (and never happened with 4.0.2, which was on some of our fortigates over a year ago) and vanished again by downgrading to 4.1.2 (confirmed by fortinet, a technician tested it with me via webex).

however, if you have an active fortinet-subscription, and upgrading doesn't help, i would recommend to file a ticket there.

buegeleisen said...

- "vanished again by downgrading to 4.1.2"
+ "vanished again by downgrading to 4.2.1"