Friday, July 2, 2010

Software Updates

  • 4.0 MR1 Patch 6, Build 205 (Patch 6 was released the day after Patch 5)
  • 4.0 MR2 Patch 1, Build 208
  • 4.0 MR2 GA, Build 355

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buegeleisen said...

a question not really regarding the updates:

some days ago one of our 50b's showed up filesystem-errors and didn't start anymore, after filing a rma-ticket they told me about a hidden menu "d" in the fortigate-bios, which itself has more hidden options like "k" for badblocks.

do you know of any other interesting hidden options? i've been told bei fortinet that there are others, but they seem to be unwilling to disclose them.

might be also worth a blog entry, especially the badblocks or memtest.

regards, jozi