Monday, May 10, 2010

FortiManager 4.0 MR2

After running FortiManager 4.0 MR2 for a while now it's been mostly smoothing sailing. There are some things to be aware of:

  • After FortiManager runs for extended periods of time the memory utilization goes to almost 100%. This can be fixed by a reboot
  • The "diag sys top" command is no longer implemented to view process utilization. Therefore it is difficult to understand which process is using most of the memory
  • This appears similar to an issue in early FM 4.0 MR1 releases where memory utilization would spike high also


Markus said...

You are right, "diag sys top" is not implemented any more, BUT you can use "exec top" to get the same result ;-)

Another FortiFriend

Anonymous said...

Thank you for suggesting the "exec top" command! I have trying to figure out how to get the same information as "diag sys top" used to, and I couldn't figure it out.