Friday, April 2, 2010

Software Update - 4.0 MR2

Fortinet has released FortiOS 4.0 MR2. This is a major release and below are highlights of new features from the release notes.
I shall sink my teeth into the new version later today. However since this is a major release with lots of new features my recommendation is as usual to wait one or two patch releases before deploying to mission critical production firewalls.

· New Web UI Design
· Supports Dynamic Proxy Allocation
· IS-IS Routing Protocol Support
· WCCP Client Support
· Explicit Proxy Improvements
· HA Management Port Reservation
· SSL Proxy Exemption by FortiGuard Category
· Web 2.0 Log Viewer
· Introduced 'grep' Capability in the CLI
· Supports sFlow (Client)
· Supports FortiGuard Widget on the Dashboard
· Local Content Archive Support
· Introduces Report Module Feature
· HA Sub-second Failover Support
· Enhanced Support for BGP Routing
· Introduction of Web Filtering Quota
· Supports ELBC Synchronization
· Endpoint Control - Extension to Endpoint Application Detection
· Dashboard Widget Extensions
· Supports L2TP with IPSec
· Skype Control Improvement
· Supports VRRP and Link Failure Control
· Per-IP Bandwidth Dashboard Widget
· Improved Client Certificate Handling for SSL Inspection
· Maximum Concurrent Users for Explicit Proxy
· Full SIP Feature Support
· FSAE Support Polling Domain Controllers
· Improved DC Agent Distribution (MSI)
· Storage Health Monitor Feature
· Improved Disk I/O Scalability
· Protection Profile Re-work
· Supports Web Cache Exempt List
· Introduction of Network Scan Feature
· Introduction of Network Monitoring Feature
· Supports Password Renewal for LDAP or RADIUS Users
· Disk Management
· Supports Extreme AV Database
· Introduction of Flow-based AntiVirus Feature
· Supports Diagnostic Command Lock-down
· Configuration Revision History and Templates
· Enhanced Customizable Web UI Feature
· Introduces Support for Statefull SCTP Firewall

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