Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bugs in FortiManager 4.1 MR1 Patch 1

When attempting to apply a script to a group of firewalls the following error message is received:

"error: failed to create task for executing script"

Fortinet came back with bug ID 112165 - B214:Failed to execute script on device group
Fixed in next release patch 4.1.2 early December.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have the Fortimanager but I am running a Fortigate 310B with 4.0MR1patch1. I have found some strange behavior with 4.0MR1patch1.

File Pattern filtering - When you set file pattern filtering in AV it appears to looks for the text of the traffic. I had set blocking of *.com files and then when my postmaster tried to do a domain lookup on a whois forms page it blocked the response. Strange. I had assumed it would only block file downloads.

I set App Controls to pass and log IM traffic. Even though everything was set to pass the FW was blocking msn traffic. Yahoo, twitter, aim were fine but only msn started getting blocked. As soon as I stopped App control everything was fine. Strange :(

I REALLY like the Fortigate but this software version seems to be a bit flaky.