Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Software Updates - FortiAnalyzer 4.1 (AKA 4.0 MR1)

Log Reduction and Optimization
· WAN Optimization Reports
· System Migration
· Vulnerability Management – PCI Compliance Reports
· Vulnerability Management – Achieve CVE Compatible
· Web Clicks vs Hits Algorithm
· Custom Charts
· Quarantine and Report Extensions
· Per-VDom Quarantine
· Improved Log Rolling Mechanism
· Viewing of Real and Historical logs for multiple and mixed devices
· Support for encrypted mail protocols (SMTPs, POP3s, IMAPs) - log viewing, searches, and reports

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Anonymous said...


Good post. In addition to making configuration listed in this post, make sure create phase 1 remote gateway as "dialup" and assign a peer iD, which can be any arbitrary string, in FortiGate.