Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FortiOS, Sonos Network Music Players and Pandora

If you happen to own one of these cool things (http://www.sonos.com) and you listen to music via their Pandora plugin you might experience some problems with firewall protection profiles in FortiOS 4.x. After upgrading to the latest beta version of 4.1 I was unable to play Pandora music any longer. Playing with the protection profiles I noticed that you have to ensure that under Firewall -> Protection Profile -> Anti-Virus the "Comfort Clients" option is enabled. Pandora receives music via port 80. Apparently the firewall tries to scan the music stream for viruses which causes the Sonos Pandora plugin to timeout.

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Anonymous said...

I experienced same problem with FTP. The access to the server is allowed but data trasnfer is suspended after few MBytes. This issue is only for oversized files. I have not tried with e-mail protocols (POP3, IMAP and SMTP) neither with SSL Inspection enable on HTTP and e-mail protocol.
Anyone has information with those protocols ?

Thank you.