Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FortiOS 4.0 Released

After a well deserved vacation I am back and posting and will be talking about the new version 4.0 of FortiOS. Now that it has been officially released I can comment on some of the great new features that I was testing in the Beta versions. Below is a summary of the enhancements and I will write more in-depth about some of the more important additions over the coming weeks.

In the meantime you can already review the updated user guide here.

FortiOS 4.0 New Features and Enhancements

· Redesigned web UI
· Supports Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Feature
· DHCP over IPSec Interface Support
· Supports Power Supply Monitoring
· WCCP v2 Support
· SNMPv3 Support
· Customized GUI Control
· Enhanced Load Balance Feature
· Supports WAN Optimization and Web Cache Feature
· Redesigned SSL-VPN Web Portal
· Supports HTTP POST Blocking
· Supports Rogue Access Point Detection Feature
· Supports Addition web UI Widgets
· Supports Identity Based Firewall Policies
· Supports Policy Based Traffic Shaping
· Support for IPv6 Intrusion Protection
· Supports "ANY" Interface for Firewall Policies.
· Supports Administration over Modem Interface
· Enhanced Central Management Communication Model
· Redesigned IPS Feature
· RADIUS Feature Enhancements
· Enhanced Application Control Feature
· Configurable VDOM Resource Limits
· Redesigned SNMP MIBS
· Logging Improvements
· Introduction of AntiSpam Engine
· Endpoint Control Feature
· SSL Content Scanning and Inspection
· Administration Over Modem
· Network Access Control (NAC) Quarantine


Chandresh said...

I'm quite excited to test FortiOS4.0 in our production environment.
Probably i would have to wait until i hear some good/bad reviews.

Germano said...

Many Known Issues!! :-0
Better waiting.....

RoMaNcInG tHe WiNd said...

Hi .. We are awaiting to Deploy this in production environment . How stable is the new version .....

Sebastian said...

It looks ok but we haven't deployed it in a production environment yet. I would wait a couple more release cycles for Fortinet to iron out some more bugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi anyone explain how to configure interface redundancy between two wan links on Fortios 4.0 MR1. my email id : nobarricades@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.

Sebastian said...

Check out the support forums at http://support.fortinet.com/forum. This question has been discussed in the forums several times.