Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pedal to the metal with FortiAnalyzer

Beginning in 3.0 MR3 FortiAnalyzer supports the ext3 file system in addition to the Reiser file system used in previous versions. The ext3 file system provides much better stability and it is the recommended filesystem to use on all FortiAnalyzer units. To convert to the ext3 filesystem upgrade your FortiAnalyzer to 3.0 MR3 or above and reformat your log disks or change RAID levels which will cause all information to be erased.

Beginning in MR4 you can also speed-up the FortiAnalyzer by indexing the ext3 file system. Execute the following command on the CLI: "diagnose sys file-system fsfix". This command will check and index the filesystem. It will take some time and reboot the FortiAnalyzer, however the perfomance increase is tremendous so this is highly recommended.

Also, Fortinet recommends that you run this command periodically if you receive a lot of log traffic.

1 comment:

Guillermo Morales said...

How long does 'fsfix' take?
I've been waiting for 4 hours and there's no suceess message.